She Broke My Heart, But I Love Her Enough To Let Her Do It Again

She is going to kill me sooner or later
Her love is like poison
The sweetest of its kind
And I swallow it every day
It tastes like sugar and burns like fire

I would kill to taste it again
If it would not kill me first
Every hug is like a stab on my chest
But what a gentle and sweet cut
It hurts like heaven and burns like hell

She speaks to me with a kindness I cant compare
One second will be enough for it to fade
Just a word will burn me from the inside and kill me

She says she is sorry and I want to believe
Such words arent said for nothing
For me they have no weight any more

I dont believe you
I dont believe you
I dont believe you

I Would never want to hurt you
Nor betray you
I have my hands tied up
Standing between the sword and the wall

Just need to set you free
Just wish you would undestrand
You are poison to me
And I have so much to live for

Your love is poison to me
And I will take it every day

It will burn my throat
It will drain my life
It will kill me with the time

But I will have it any way


Enemies of Taylor Swift beware…
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Ralph Lauren Resort 2015

David Gandy for Vanity Fair Spain by Mariano Vivanco

H.E. by Mango Spring/Summer 2014

David Gandy by Chiun-Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan

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<3 this casual/colorful hairstyle. 

(original : Seams for a Desire )


BEIGE AND LEOPARD (by Barbora Ondrackova)